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General Liability

General Liability insurance is your business’s safety net, offering unparalleled protection against bodily injury and property damage claims. It’s not just insurance; it’s a strategic investment in your company’s future stability and success.

Commercial Property

Protect your business with Commercial Property insurance, a comprehensive safeguard for your buildings, equipment, and inventory. This coverage is a testament to your foresight, ensuring that your business assets are shielded against all odds, helping you maintain operational continuity.

Commercial Auto

This essential safeguard for your fleet ensures that your operations stay on track, protected against the uncertainties of the road, making every journey a confident stride towards your goals.

Workers Compensation

Elevate your workforce's security with Workers Compensation insurance, ensuring medical care and compensation for on-the-job injuries.


Strengthen your cyber defenses with Cyber insurance, protecting against financial and reputational damage from cyber attacks. This coverage ensures your business can withstand and recover from digital threats efficiently.


Secure your professional promises with Bonds insurance, protecting against the financial risks of unmet contractual obligations. This coverage is a cornerstone of building lasting business relationships based on trust and reliability.

Builders Risk

Secure your construction investments with Builders Risk insurance, providing comprehensive protection for in-progress projects. This coverage shields against unforeseen losses, keeping your timeline and budget intact.

Special Event

Elevate your event planning with Special Event insurance, offering protection against accidents, cancellations, and liabilities. This coverage ensures that unforeseen events don't dampen your special day, keeping the focus on celebration.

Professional Liability

Mitigate the risks of professional advice and services with Professional Liability insurance. This coverage safeguards against claims of mistakes or negligence, ensuring your business reputation remains untarnished.


Kelsey Watson

Courtney was amazing! She was patient and went over everything with me in detail. She was very knowledgeable and helped me choose the best plan to fit my needs. I would absolutely recommend The Way Agency to anyone looking for coverage! No one better.

Lisa Moore

Finding Rebecca has been such a blessing! Not only did she save me a ton of money but she also doubled my coverage. Apparently buying online was not as smart as I thought it was. When I first met Rebecca several months ago she could not help me due to previous accidents, but she told me what to do as far as increasing coverage and when to check back with her, that advice paid off 10 fold. I will be forever grateful for her advice and hard work.

Ace Boogie

Needing to add the below review: In times when you can't drive without insurance, it's such a relief to have a company that treats you like family and honestly takes care of you the right "WAY". Highly recommended!!!

Olivia Mitchell

Rebecca has been wonderful-- she is personable, helpful and organized. We are so grateful for her!