W A Y Experienced

The WAY agency represents over 35 years of knowing the ins and outs...the ups and downs...and a few other angles the competition NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF. Contact us today for a complimentary insurance plan evaluation. 

The Way Agency began September 1, 2016 in Mt Washington, Kentucky. In October, 2014, we moved to our current location, which brought us into the heart of Mt Washington.

Client Centered

Our mission is to take the time to understand our clients and advise them on the insurance that will fit their needs. Whether it is personal or business, property or people, we have just about everything that you would need to complete your insurance portfolio. If we don't do it, we know someone who does, and can provide you with a qualified referral.

You might notice that The Way Agency has unusual office hours. That's because so many people need to meet in the evening after they leave their workplace. We can schedule after-hours meetings. Just let us know. We will do whatever we can to make your insurance transactions as smooth and as easy as possible. The Way Agency is, after all, ...the WAY insurance gets DONE!

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