High Net Worth? Umbrella Insurance Could Be Essential

As you build wealth and assets, it's vital to implement strategies that protect what you've worked hard for. Lawsuits and unexpected liabilities can pose a significant financial threat, even for the most affluent individuals.That's where umbrella insurance comes in, providing an extra layer of protection above your standard home, auto, and other personal insurance policies.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Think of umbrella insurance as a shield that extends over all your existing policies. It kicks in when your primary insurance limits are exhausted due to a costly accident, lawsuit, or major liability claim. Here's a simplified example:

  • You're found liable for damages in a car accident exceeding your auto policy's limits.
  • Your umbrella insurance can cover the additional costs, preventing you from paying out-of-pocket.

Why High-Net-Worth Individuals Need Umbrella Insurance

The more assets you have, the greater your risk of being targeted in a lawsuit. Umbrella insurance offers several key benefits:

  • Asset Protection: Lawsuits can aim for your home, savings, investments, and future earnings. Umbrella insurance helps safeguard all you've built.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have comprehensive coverage lets you live life confidently without constant worry about financial ruin.
  • Affordability: Compared to the potential costs of a major lawsuit, umbrella insurance is a relatively small investment.

We Find the Right Coverage for Your Unique Needs

Not all umbrella policies are created equal. At The Way Agency, we take the time to understand your specific assets and potential risks, tailoring your policy accordingly. We consider factors like:

  • Value of Your Assets: Homes, vehicles, investments, businesses ownership, etc.
  • Lifestyle: Frequent travel, owning recreational vehicles, or hosting large events may necessitate additional coverage.
  • Risk Tolerance: Let's discuss how much extra protection gives you peace of mind.

The Value of an Independent Agent

As an independent agency representing multiple carriers, we have the advantage of:

  • Competitive Pricing: We shop around to find you the best rates.
  • Customized Coverage: We'll secure a policy with the optimal limits and protection for your situation.
  • Claims Advocate If a claim arises, we'll guide you through the process.


  • Is umbrella insurance only for the super-wealthy? No! Anyone with assets to protect can benefit.
  • Doesn't my homeowner's insurance have liability coverage? Yes, but umbrella insurance provides much higher limits and may include broader protection.
  • Can umbrella insurance protect my business? Often, we can add commercial liability coverage within the policy.

The Way Insurance Gets Done: Protecting Your Legacy

At The Way Agency, we're committed to simplifying insurance and providing personalized solutions that align with your values. We understand your desire to protect your family's future and the results of your hard work. Contact us today for a comprehensive umbrella insurance assessment.